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MITI Application to Resume Work


  1. List of Additional Sectors Allowed to Operate Under the Movement Control Order (MCO) or Enchased MCO
    • Automotive industry (limited to exports of CBU, parts and components, as well as after-sale services, e.g., repair and maintenance)
    • Machinery and equipment industry
    • Aerospace industry
    • Science, professional and technical services, including R&D (limited to legal services, services incidental to oil and gas, R&D activities related to COVID-19, and testing labs for the sectors allowed to operate)
    • Social health services including registered traditional and complementary medicine (TCM) practitioners
    • Hardware shops, electrical and electronic (E&E) shops
    • Laundry services (only those offering full-service and does not include self-service laundrettes)
    • Construction projects and services related to construction works:
      • Projects whereby the main contractors are G1–G2
      • Projects that have achieved physical progress of 90% and above
      • Tunneling works
      • Maintenance works
      • Sloping works
      • Emergency works that are consequent to contractual obligations
      • Maintenance, cleaning and drying of stagnant water, spraying of pesticides at construction sites which prevent the breeding of Aedes mosquitoes and other pests
      • Other works that if left incomplete may result in danger
      • Building projects with 70 IBS score and above
      • Construction projects with accommodation facilities for workers, such as centralised quarters for workers or workers’ camp
      • Professional services related to the construction industry including architects, engineers, town-planners, land surveyors, quantity surveyors, project managers, facility managers as well as other relevant services
  2. How long does it take to process the application and how is the approval letter given to the company?
    • Processing will take up to five (5) days
  3. All companies with prior approval from MITI are encouraged to re-apply in CIMS 2.0 to get the approval letter with QR code which can facilitate the movement of workers and operations
  4. For those have been approved by the Ministry of Health / Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries / Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs / Ministry of Primary Industries and Commodities / Ministry of Housing and Local Government / Local Authority to operate during MCO period, are encouraged to apply from MITI to get the QR Code
  5. Company with multiple businesses and sites shall apply separately
  6. The company must display the approval letter in the premise
  7. The company must appoint one or more coordinators to coordinate preventive measures of Covid-19 outbreaks in the workplace
  8. The person appointed shall complete a daily report at during MCO
  9. Companies shall brief to employees on Covid-19 disease and preventative measures to be followed
  10. Daily body temperature and symptom screening should be done daily at the factory / premises entrance
  11. If the body temperature reading is 37.5 ° C or above, or has symptoms, the employee is not allowed into the company's premises and the company must refer the worker (with the mask wearer) to the nearby Panel Clinic or Health Clinic
  12. The company shall provide hand sanitizer at the entrance and all common areas, as well as make sure the use of face masks by each employee. Companies need to keep on-the-job social distancing
  13. The cleaning process should be carried out three (3) times a day especially in common spaces
  14. The company must ensure every employee's vehicle undergoes a thorough sanitation and disinfection process before use
  15. Employee vehicles provided by the company are not allowed to cross the border / zone and are only allowed to transport workers within the area / zone only
  16. In the event of an employee being infected with Covid-19, the company will be responsible for the full medical expenses, on-premises disinfection process and other related costs
  17. Program Saringan Prihatin (PSP)
    • Screening program for the COVID-19 outbreaks carried out for workers including foreign workers for companies permitted to operate during the period of the Movement Control Order
    • FREE of charge
    • Provided by service provider appointed by Perkeso:
    • First phase:
      • Focus on screening for employees of companies in the red or yellow zone as well as companies with foreign workers
      • Through sampling of the nose and mouth through a designated service provider
    •  Second phase:
      • Expected to begin in the first week of May 2020
      • This screening will be carried out for employees who have not been screened during the first phase
      • Through blood droplets by the PSP Panel Clinic.
      • Performed twice on the first day (Day 1) and the seventh day (Day 7) before the screening results can be released
    •  Only employees who register as SOCSO contributors are eligible
    • Employees must register individually through the Perkeso PSP Portal using the following information
    • Employee screening is based on an appointment with a service provider, either at the employee's premises or at the service provider's designated premises for sampling purposes
    • The screening results will take 48 hours after the sample is taken.
    • Employees can check the results of the screening through the Perkeso PSP Portal