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ACRA had brought a total of 1,104 charges against Data Register Pte Ltd (previously known as “Company Register Pte Ltd”) in 2014/15 for issuing business correspondences in October and November 2013 which did not state its company name and registration number in breach of section 144(1)(b) and section 144(1)(A) of the Companies Act (“the 2013 correspondences”).

Since November 2013, ACRA has issued media releases and public announcements to inform the public on this matter and explained that the purpose of section 144 is to ensure that members of public are aware of the identity of the corporate entity that issued the letter in question. Members of the public were also urged to conduct a free search on ACRA’s online business directory to check information such as the name, registration number, address and status of any company registered with ACRA.


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Source: ACRA