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Promotion Free First Year Company Secretary Fee


To react to the Penjana program, we are now free of Corporate Secretarial service charge (for the first year) when engaging our incorporation service in Malaysia 为了响应政府的经济复兴计划,我们将免除公司秘书费 (第一年)给予选择我们公司注册服务的公司
* Terms and Conditions Applied 须符合条规

Promotion Until 31 December 2020 优惠直到31/12/2020

Free Corporate Secretarial Service Including:

  • Acting as named corporate secretary for the company 担任公司的指定公司秘书
  • Preparation of common minutes and resolutions 准备一般的会议记录及决议
    • Opening a corporate bank account 开设公司银行账户
    • Bank facility 银行贷款
    • Purchase of property or motor vehicle 购买产业或机动车
    • Resolution of Issuance of Dividend 分派股息
  • Routine advice on matter pertaining to the Companies Act requirements and company secretarial practice
  • Common changes are also inclusive into our corporate secretarial service fee 一些基本的改变也是包含在我们的公司秘书费内
    • Change of Director’s and Shareholder’s Particulars (i.e. residential address, passport) 公司董事及股东资料的更换(例如住家地址以及护照号码)
    • Change of Business Address 公司地址的更换
  • Provision of registered address service in compliance with Section 46 and Section 47 under Companies Act 2016:
    • To receive all communications and notices on behalf
    • Opening to the public during ordinary business hours
    • Keeping the following documents in the registered office:
      • Notice of registration issued under Section 15
      • The constitution of the company
      • Certificates given under Companies Act or corresponding previous written law, if any
      • All registers, book, records and documents as required under Companies Act 2016
      • Minutes of all meetings of members and resolutions of members
      • Minutes of all meetings and resolutions of the Board and committees of the Board
      • Copies of all written communications to all members or all holders of the same class of shares
      • Copies of all instruments creating or evidencing charges as required under Section 357
      • Such other documents required to be kept by the Registrar
  • We locate in Singapore and Johor Bahru 我们位在新加坡和新山
    • We can send all documents to our Singapore office for collection if the directors and shareholders are unable to come our JB office due to the lockdown between JB and SG boundary 由于防疫期间不能自由进出新加坡及马来西亚,我们能够把文件送至我们新加坡办公室,让公司董事及股东在我们新加坡办公室领取文件

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